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Fast. Durable. Unbelievably Attractive.


Eco Friendly & Sustainable LSF Building Technology


Light Steel Framing (LSF) building technology is so much more than you ever imagined.

Lightweight Steel Frame Construction Solutions | Abtech

Abtech combines high-performance building with sustainable, eco-friendly and energy-efficient LSF construction while paying close attention to your design’s exterior and interior vision.

Fast. Durable. Unbelievably Attractive. LSF Technology

Does the perfect building system exist? When you look at all the benefits of LSF building technology, it’s hard to think otherwise.

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The Benefits of Lightweight Steel Construction

Why choose Lightweight Steel Frame (LSF) technology?

Superior Insulation

Abtech solutions use high-end insulation materials with superior qualities that reduce power consumption by 30-40%.


A light steel frame (LSF) dwelling, built to SANS 517, produces significant electricity savings used for heating and cooling compared with conventional heavy masonry building*. * As reposrted by the Built Environment division of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Strength & Durability

The strength to weight ratio of LSF is higher than most other building materials.

Hot-dip zinc galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant, insect-resistant, and invulnerable to fungal or biological deterioration. LSF sections provide a design life over 100 years even in un-insulated roof constructions, while LSF framing in a warm frame environment offers a design life prediction above 250 years.

Significantly faster construction

Say goodbye to rainy day building delays!

Enjoy substantial time-saving with LSF frame construction, which is unaffected by bad weather. LSF sections are pre-manufactured according to the structure design using computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Parts are manufactured to absolute precision, resulting in further more accurate construction and faster building times. If you’re building as an investment, the sooner your build is complete, the sooner you will see ROI on your project.

Eco friendly & environmental sustainability

LSF construction lowers your environmental footprint.

If you’re pro eco-friendly design and construction then LSF is a great option. Steel is one of the most recycled and recyclable products in the world and this, coupled with the fact that an LSF structure is more energy-efficient, translates into a 30-40% reduction in heating and cooling costs of the building.

Less maintenance & long term cost saving

LSF structures are hardwearing against the elements, slower to age, and resistant to pests.

This, in conjunction with the energy efficiency of LSF structures, means more comfort and substantially reduced costs to run.

Superior moisture & Fire resistance

Steel frame constructions are fire-resistant, mitigating risks to a building by retarding the spread of a fire.

In addition, Abtech uses superior high-end quality materials for insulation and cladding in all our high-performance builds, ensuring superior fire and moisture resistance to the structure.

Combine Design

Aesthetic masterpiece with advanced LSF building technology

Abtech: Bringing Architecture and Construction Expertise to Lightweight Steel Frame Construction

Abtech is proud to offer our clients a turnkey solution. Wherever you are in your residential or commercial project journey, our team has what it takes to serve you. Let us deliver your vision professionally and timeously. We can assist if you’re starting with a vision and still need an architect; or if you are an architect seeking the best-fit solution for your client.

Core competencies:

LSF design, costing construction with 14 years (project references).


Architecture (Both LSF and conventional).


Project management.


Interior Design.



Personal Attention

We take pride in each project that we undertake. Our clients are always our top priority.


Building or renovating your home or commercial structure is a process and, as much as we are focused on delivering results, we want your entire journey to be pleasant.


SANS – 517 compliant. Quality is non-negotiable.


We've partnered with reputable supply partners to ensure that you receive an attractive, trustworthy range of products from which to choose.

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